Monday, 26 August 2013

Musical - Day 7

We had a whale of a time! There is a little more to say. The performance of our Messy Church Musical was great and it was wonderful to see so many people in the audience. In total between 80 and 100 people took part in the special messy extravaganza yesterday - cast, back-stage crew, MC team and guests - it was a privilege to be part of it all.  The children did incredibly well remembering their actions and adults were in fine voice, even managing an encore! Thanks to everyone who made the week possible - too many people to name individually but each valued.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Musical - Day 6

There was a real buzz to proceedings this morning... and that was not just the wasp that landed on Sally-Ann's head mid rehearsal.

Undoubtedly the dress rehearsal was helped by the wonderful bacon batches that we consumed first thing - thank you to all our cooks and helpers and to everyone who has been part of the crew during the week. So much work has gone into the musical behind the scenes and so if you are one of those  who have contributed in any way - THANK YOU!

So our morning began with breakfast together, then we had a press call (look out for a picture of us in the Nuneaton News) and after that a 'stumble through' performance, with stops where we needed to change something or be reminded to smile or stand still or not get distracted. Then another short break before the final rehearsal.... and this time without stops or prompting.

And do you know what... it was fantastic! It hardly seems possible that we can have achieved so much in just a few days. We have gathered an all-age cast - from those just learning to toddle to great grandparents - and enjoyed being together with Jesus. You know what, this could catch on - we could call it church!

Friday, 23 August 2013

Musical - Day 5

What to do about a whale that has eaten too many pies....? Our psychedelic whale is a little too heavy to move easily and so will now be making an entrance from the rear of the stage... possibly on wheels!

Other than that unexpected turn of events everything seems to be going very well. We have now got some stage marks so we know where to stand and the scenery has been condensed a little so that it makes a bigger impact and doesn't get squashed by our zealous toddler dancers!

This morning we ran through the final scenes and tried to remember who is doing what, and when. There are more creative ideas than we have the time and energy to incorporate but it is nice to have so much enthusiasm feeding into the show.

We're looking forward to our bacon batches in the morning and having our picture taken for the local newspaper. Then all that is left is the show - 5pm on Sunday 25th if you can make it, followed by a barbecue for cast, guests and Messy Church regulars.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Musical - Day 4

Here are some pictures of what we have been up to at the Messy Church Musical today.
It has been rather busy and we have done lots of hard work with the songs... and the whale.
We have learnt all of the songs now and can even remember some of them! Some of us are struggling to tell our right hand from our left which makes the stage directions and actions a little complicated.
Mr Whale began the day looking a bit pale but is considerably brighter and more 'jazzy' now.
Pineapples are taking shape, our boat has a name and Ninevah did not collapse at any point during the rehearsal - all of this is progress.
By this time tomorrow we will almost be ready for the performance. However the dress-rehearsal is not to be missed, not least because we start the day with bacon batches at 10am!
It is not too late to join the cast - come along tomorrow at 9.45am to take part.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Musical - Day 3

Day three of the Messy Musical and the props and scenery are nearly complete. The songs and movements need a little more work but after another frantic morning we are getting there. It is rather ambitious to attempt an all-age musical in just a week but we're enjoying the experience and the mid-morning cake is providing sustenance enough to help us belt out 6 songs with something approaching enthusiasm.
Tomorrow we complete our party hats, finish the painting and relocate to the hall for our rehearsals - a necessary move but one that may result in confusion.
Directing is not all it's cracked up to be... the term 'herding cats' springs to mind! Do come and see the finished result on Sunday at 5pm.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Musical - Day 2

Ninevah city is taking shape and the songs are coming along nicely. Tomorrow we need to make some dance streamers for the 'wave dance' and get to grips with a pineapple tree! The more the merrier - come and join us!

Monday, 19 August 2013

Musical - Day 1

Well (or should that be 'whale'?) what an adventure! The Messy Church musical got off to a really good start today - lots of people in fine voice, 4 songs attempted, games played, scenery started, narration allocated, cakes consumed, costumes discussed, large fish painted.

There is plenty more to do so if you missed today don't be alarmed... but do join us from 9.45am tomorrow... and perhaps wear some old clothes as there will be even more paint!

Monday, 12 August 2013

A whale of a time...

It is countdown to our Messy Church musical, Jonah-Man Jazz, beginning on Monday 19 August. Come along each weekday morning 9.45am to 12noon to be part of this musical extravaganza which culminates in a 'one night only' performance on Sunday 25 August!

Here is the daily programme:

Mon 19-Fri 23
9.45am      Arrivals and craft activity
10am         Welcome and warm up
10.20am    Jonah story-time
10.30am    Rehearsal 1 - learning some of the songs
11am         Break for drinks and cake!
11.10am    Craft activity making props and scenery
11.30am    Rehearsal 2 - learn more of the songs / actions
12noon      Home time!

Then on Saturday 24 August the programme looks more like this:
9.45am     Arrivals and breakfast bacon batches!
10am        Welcome and warm up
10.20am   Jonah story-time
10.30am   'Stumble-through - a rough run-through of the performance with the whole cast
11am        Break
11.30am   Dress rehearsal
12noon     Home time!

The performance will be part of Messy Church on Sunday 25 August so please bring along your family and friends to watch and enjoy the after-show barbecue!