Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Messy 3

These are just a few examples of the wonderful creativity that took place at Messy Church 3 on Sunday 27 November. Our theme was 'Love your world' and pavement art was one of the activities. However November is a chilly month and so our artistic endeavours took place inside and our 'pavement' was the church floor; how useful that the church has a stone floor with slabs just the right size for chalk drawings.

We also found a use for odd socks. Who knew, that with just a little time, effort, glue and tissue paper, they could transform into colourful dragonflies? Sadly they flew away before ay pictures could be taken but I am certain that David Attenborough would have been fascinated by this new species. 

We made some creepy crawlies with pipe-cleaners and some colourful 'fruits' with marzipan and icing. Some snowmen were spotted amongst the creations - a slight variation on the theme but very seasonal.

Leaf-vein printing was the messiest activity for the day - lots of paint and some beautiful results. We also finished our banner that we have been making since the start of Messy Church in September. It is now on display in the church building so do come and admire it at the next Messy Church (11 Dec) or at one of the special Christmas highlights over the next few weeks.

One of the take-home ideas was to choose a clear night and go outside and look up at the stars. Take a torch with you and see if you can read Psalm 8 together with your family. Have you tried it yet? What about talking with your family about one thing you could do this month to help save the world? Why not add you ideas here in the form of a comment.

See you for the Christmas Special and don't forget your costume!

Everybody needs good neighbours!

October's Messy Church seems like a very long time ago now but we had a lot of fun - a great way to start helf term week. The theme was 'Love your neighbour' and we heard a story about two enemies who learnt how to be friends. In our craft activities we made some bandit masks and took park in bandit target practice with some water pistols. We made friendship chains and first-aid boxes and added to our large Messy Church banner.
In our story and song time some of us acted out the story and we all had the opportunity to play some percussion instruments.
Dinner was fluffy jacket potatoes with sausages, cheese and beans...mmm!
Here are some of the take-home ideas linked with the theme:

1) Help someone who is not a friend.

2) Smile at someone you don’t like.

3) Discover more about the story of the Good Samaritan. If you have a Bible read the story for yourself in Luke’s gospel, chapter 10, verses 25 to 37.

4) Collect all the loose change in the house and give it to the Samaritans or Samaritan’s Purse

5) Find out if you have any relations in other parts of the world and discover more about where they live.

Why not have a go at being a good neighbour this week?!