Wednesday, 27 June 2012


June's Messy Church was one of the most fun events we've had. Amazingly the weather was ok for our barbecue and we really enjoyed some great food - thanks again to butcher Steve Mellor, Coleshill Road, for providing us with such excellent sausages and burgers... and of course to Nick for cooking it!
Food aside the day was particularly special because we had some great Father's Day challenges including making a tower from spaghetti and marshmallows (as shown in these pictures) and creating a parachute and cradle for a raw egg that would protect it on a treacherous decent from the church tower!

There was just a hint of competitiveness when, towards the end of the afternoon, we gathered outside to find out the results of the challenges and specifically to see what would become of the eggs. Pete bravely ascended the tower with a bag full of eggs and ingenious egg-protection devices and then the eggs began to fall. (You can just about make out the black bin-bag parachute in this picture.) Much to our surprise some of the parachutes worked and the eggs, rather than plummeting to earth at great speed, actually floated rather gracefully to the ground. In the end about 4 eggs survived. Trophies were given to the winners of each challenge category and sweets all round for effort! 
Other highlights from the day include...
-  the creation of some splendid family crests
- significant engineering prowess being exhibited as dads made elastic powered cars from CDs, cardboard, piping and elastic bands
- plenty of delicious cakes
- a game of footie in the courtyard
- lots of brainy people showing that they are very good at picture quizzes

If you missed out don't worry because our next Messy Church is only a few weeks away and it has a special Olympic theme - join us on Sunday 22 July, 4-6pm.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

It's a challenge...

As I blog my husband is using our dining table as a workbench in order to prep some of the items needed for tomorrow's Messy Church challenges. Specifically he is sawing some plastic piping that will be transformed in the axels of some elastic powered cars! Intrigued? Come along tomorrow at 4pm and make your own and see how you fare racing it against others.

Or have a go at constructing a tower with some rather strange building materials. There are plenty of activities to bemuse and challenge and if all that gets a little too much grab and beer and a burger and warm your hands at the barbecue! Come rain or shine Messy Church will be action-packed so do join us.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Messy June Special

We're only a few days away from June's Messy Church which is going to be a special event, not least of all because we may be barbecuing in the rain!

Aside from that we're hoping to make it into a really family-orientated afternoon and a chance for Messy Church regulars to bring some friends along for a bit of a taster. As it is also Father's Day it might be a good opportunity for dads and grandpas to give Messy Church a try - we have some special activities and challenges lined up for you. Here is what the afternoon has in store:

4pm - Arrivals: There will be some drinks available (including beer for any dads who need a Father's day treat/incentive!) Then there will be some challenges and activities to take part in, ideally in small groups or families. These include creating a family crest/shield, a quiz and making an elastic band car.

4.30pm - BBQ: Time to grab some food from the barbecue and consider your strategy for the next set of activities!

5pm - Activities: Another selection of activities (mildly competitive) to keep you busy including the second part of the quiz, constructing some towers and making an egg cradle!

5.30ish - Ice-cream and results: If you have any space after the BBQ you might like an ice-cream whilst you watch the results of the challenges. Whose elastic band car will go the furthest, whose tower is the tallest, and whose cradle will protect their egg when it falls from the church tower?

6pm - We can't promise to be finished by 6pm  - this Messy Church may run a little late but as you can see we have a fun programme lined up. We hope you'll join us!