Saturday, 21 April 2012

April showers...

We've just had a rather impressive rainstorm. In fact I think I even heard some thunder and witnessed a flash of lightening. It is certainly not beach weather which is a bit of a shame because tomorrow at Messy Church we'll be creating our own beach for a sandcastle activity.

It is not recorded in the Bible, but I wonder if Jesus ever played in the sand on the edge of the Sea of Galilee? My memory of being there about 20 years ago is that it is more rocks than sand but I like to think that Jesus skimmed a few stones whilst cooking breakfast on the beach for his disciples.

And that is one of the stories we'll be looking at tomorrow; Jesus meeting his disciples on the shore of Galilee, after the resurrection. They were out fishing at night and from the boat they spotted him in the early morning light at the water's edge. When they reached the shore they discoved that he had breakfast sorted... and a lot more besides. Check it out for yourself in John 21.

So tomorrow there will be some fishy activities, things to do on the beach and things to identify by touch. Of course we'll have our usual story-time plus a delicious pasta dinner - plenty to go round so do feel free to bring a friend.