Friday, 21 October 2011

October's Messy Church... this weekend!

Sunday 23 October sees the next Messy Church event at St Nicolas. There will be plenty of messy fun and craft activities plus a water challenge, storytime and a yummy family meal.
Hope to see you there at 4pm.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Here's what we did in September...

September's Messy Church lived up to its name!
There was plenty of messy fun with craft activities based around the story of a young son who left home with his father's wealth and wasted the lot. With nothing left to live on the lad had to get some messy work feeding pigs.. and even the pigs' food began to look good to him. In the end he came to his senses and returned home anticipating a frosty reception from his dad. Instead, the father met his son with open arms and threw a party - what a home-coming! The son had been 'lost' but in the end made his way back to the place where he belonged and the love of his dad.

What do you make of that? Jesus first told that story (you can find it in the Bible in Luke's gospel, chapter 15, verses 11 to 32) - why do you think he might have told it?

At Messy Church we pondered the story as some people delved up to their elbows in jelly (otherwise known as 'pigswill') to find some hidden surprises and others made their own pigs (in pens) with biscuits, icing and other edible goodies. Some very creative junk models of farm machinery and animals were made and in a slightly less messy corner we decorated some hearts and did coin rubbing. We also started making our own banner that we'll continue to work on in October and November.

Of course there was singing with percussion instruments followed by story-time and then the food; we had a great barbecue - sausages, burgers, salad, coleslaw and some cupcakes for after.

How can we top that? Well we hope you'll come along on Sunday 23 October to find out! There will be more messy craft, a water game, another fun story with some songs to play along with and a yummy family meal for us to enjoy together.

See you soon!