Tuesday, 3 July 2012

This little light of mine

On Sunday we decided to go for a picnic in Stratford upon Avon. On the way into the town I noticed a sign about the Olympic torch relay and it transpired that the torch was due to arrive within the next hour so we parked the car and joined the road-side crowds to see it pass through. It was quite a wait and with waning enthusiasm the assembled masses resorted to cheering for anything and anybody who passed by - stray cyclists,  embarrassed motorists looking for somewhere to park, police outriders, etc!

Eventually the torch did arrive but not before we had seen a minor procession of sponsor vehicles and a minibus of runners and spare torches! How many torches are in existence? There were about 10 on the bus and presumably some had already been used that day... and that was just for one day!

I had naively imagined that there was 'a torch' and that it would arrive in the Olympic stadium a few weeks from now, perhaps looking slightly worse for wear but having travelled the country and been held by many sweaty hands and viewed by thousands of people. Apparently not.

Anyway, that is a rather long-winded link to our Messy Church in July which will have an Olympic theme. We'll be making our own version of the torch, fashioning medals, designing team kits and getting messy in a host of other ways.

Hope you'll join us on Sunday 22 July, 4-6pm.