Monday, 25 February 2013

Desert wonderings

Yesterday was another busy Messy Church. It was lovely to see so many familiar faces plus welcome a few new people. The hall was buzzing during the afternoon
We lived up to our messy name with some foot painting and several activities with sand. All of this was to help us focus on a desert theme.
During the story time we heard about Abraham - a desert wanderer - and his journey to become the father of a great family. At the heart of all our wonderings was the thought that God goes with us wherever we may be, even in tough places like the desert.
However it was a little difficult to concentrate on any of this because of the wonderful smell of sausages coming from the kitchen! We staved off the winder cold with sausage, mash and beans for tea and rounded off the feast with delicious cakes.
If you missed February's fun do try to join us in March - Sunday 24th, 4-6pm - when we'll be exploring another Bible landscape and thinking about Palm Sunday with some very topical crafts.