Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Early Easter Egg-citement!

Ok Easter Day may still be a couple of weeks away but we are have an early Easter Special at Messy Church St Nicolas, Nuneaton, this Sunday - 25th March.

From 4pm there will be an array of activities to help us explore what we celebrate at Easter. There will be some things to do that remind us of Jesus having a special meal with his friends on the night before he died. Other activities focus on Good Friday and Easter Day... some even include eggs!

Early arrivers will get to top their own pizzas - our own variation on unleavened bread - and those who bring their collecting cards and have 5 or more stickers (including March's) will get a mini chocolate egg.

There will be tea, coffee and squash a-plenty plus the usual mixture of chilling and chatting, creating, celebrating and chomping! We hope that you can join us.